Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let's Enjoy Thai Fruits in Thailand ,series 2.

LANGSART.A sweet fruit with a pale brown skin that must be carefully
peeled with the fingers.An inner stone is quite bitter so try not to bite it.

RAMBUTAN(Ngaw).Juicy with fruit inside a spiky red skin.Easy to pinch
open.It's sweet dessert dish in many of Thailand's restaurants.

DURIAN(Turian).The strong aroma usually prevents visitors from trying
this soft,yellow fruit that is eaten by pinching it open.

SANTOL(Gra-torn).The yellow flesh of this fruit is usually pickled.The taste
is "salty-sour".

ROSE APPLE(Cham-poo).Bell-shaped fruit similar to the apple,though not
tart.You'll see it in green or pink.

GOOSEBERRY(Ma-yom).Small yellow berries used in desserts and jams.Taste
is a bit sour.

GANDARIA or PLUM MANGO(Ma-prang).A mixture of sweet and sour tastes.
The peel can also be eaten.

LITCHI(Lynchee).Sweet ,juicy fruit inside a hard,red peel.An Asian favorite.

STAR APPLE(Ma-feung).A tart yellow fruit when ripe.Star-shaped when
cross cut.

LONGAN(Lumyai).Luscious white fruit with a dark brown skin or shell.
Easily peeled and sold in bunches on unpicked branch shoots.

TAMARIND(Ma-kham-wan).Brown bean-pod shaped fruit.Very sweet
with black seeds.

MANGO(Ma-muang).A heavenly treat when eaten ripe with sticky rice and
and coconut cream.For a tart.salty unripened with Thai sauce.

MANGOSTEEN(Mahng-koot).Dark purple peel with sweet,white fruit
inside.Fragrant and aromatic.