Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tip for getting the best deal when making jewelry and gem purchases .

Tip for getting the best deal when making jewelry and gem purchases .

 When making jewelry and gem purchases in
 Thailand. Shopping  in  Thailand is fun ,easy
 and  rewarding. Here are some tips for buying
 jewelry and gem in Thailand.

1.When purchasing , shop around to compare price,
   though be  sure to make comparisons  between
   like  items this is important tip for  making jewelry
   and gem  purchases.      

2.Never let a shop dealer or shop assistant pressure
   you into a  purchase.

3.Never let a newfound friend or a tout take you
  shopping. Stores give commissions to these
  people and that cost is   reflected  in the price
   you pay.

4.You best guide is what you like . Do not buy 
   jewerlry  and  gems for the purpose  of 
  investment or resale. They may   have such
  appreciation potential , but there are no guarantees.
  Shop for pleasure not for frofit.

5. When shopping or buying  in hotel arcades pay
   high rents and  accordingly prices tend to be
   higher than at generally street shops. On the 
   other hand, hotel arcades are very convenient  
   if you have little time for shopping. More  over  ,
   prestigious hotels generally attract quality shops. 

6.Obtain a receipt for goods bought and check
    it is correct  before  leaving the shop.

7.Assess the sales assistants When making jewelry
   and gem purchases . Do they appear knowledgeable?
   Are they  willing to discuss an item’s bad as well as
   good points?

8. Reputable shops will give a written agreement
    to a full refund on any goods (jewelry and gem) 
   returned.If a shop refuses to do this,go elsewhere. 

9. Choose a shop carefully. Make sure it is a
   specialist In  that field and not simply a general
   souvenir store.

10.Sometime, Beware bounder  running  jewelry
     and gem scams  are ubiquitous on Bangkok's
     streets , for  example  Tuk  Tuk   drivers
     especially offering free rides to nearby shop,
     they are common on the make. Reccommend 
     find  sign of The TAT (Tourism Authority of
    Thailand) provides quality assurance through
    the jewel .Look for their  ruby-ring  logo on 
     front of  shop.

11.When shopping  jewelry and gem ,look out
     for signs "VAT"  Refund for tourists. They
    should have the PPIO form to enable you  to
    claim  back  7% on purchases when you leave
    the Thailand  on an international flight. Have
    your passport and tickets with  you  when  you
   want to buy and prepare to have your purchase.

Hope you like enjoy buying jewelry and gems in Thailand.